Find out what's happening at Shama Cycles: featured team members, new items, featured bike builds, and more. We understand that riders are individuals with their own distinct style and taste. Our mission is to build custom road and triathlon bikes for our clients that feel good to ride, perform well and look great at the same time. 

Wetsuit Blow Out Sale

We recently bought out the inventory of a friend’s closing store. So we have over 100 suits, mostly women, to blow out at prices you’ve never seen before or will again. These wetsuits are new and all sales are final.


Fort Bend Kia Sponsors Shama Cycles Racing

I am excited to announce FORT BEND KIA of Rosenberg as a major sponsor.  Our partnership will allow us to raise the quality and competitiveness of our team, as well as awareness of the benefits of cycling.  

FORT BEND KIA is no stranger to the local sporting community.  They are the title sponsor for the annual Fort Bend Kia 30K , Fort Bend Kia Half Marathon in Sugar Land and a major sponsor of Local Bike Racing.

FORT BEND KIA owner, Virgil Skinner and several members of his organization are avid cyclists, riding with several local cycling clubs, which makes this sponsorship even more exciting.

We encourage everyone to please support those who support us.  If you, or someone you know, are in the market for a new or pre-owned vehicle please consider FORT BEND KIA.  They are a wonderful organization who truly cares for their clients and the community at large.

26633 Southwest Freeway

Rosenberg, TX 77479
Phone: 888-856-2149


Bike of the Month Novemeber 2013

Yes, there are two bikes here, two owners, who have been married for 25 years. When they came to me they explained wanted new bikes for their 25th wedding anniversary. Of course I could not agree more! Their first request was comfort. Their second request was.....COMFORT. Then the rest like, light weight, cool parts, pretty paint and all that good stuff. Of course like every custom bike at Shama Cycles we started off on the Dynamic Fit Unit with Retul and Spin Scan to find their best positions for comfort, power, comfort, sustainability, and....COMFORT! haha

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11 Speed: All the Cool Kids Are Doing It

11 Speed: everyone is doing it. Why are we going to 11? Well, for those of us who have endured the previous "upgrades" of an extra gear we pretty much view it as just another way for Shimano, Campy, and Sram to keep selling more new groups and parts. I remember riding 9 speed thinking, do I really need an extra gear? is it going to make me go faster? Well, here is my two cents in defense of the industry.

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Athlete(s) of the Month

Jeff and Kelly Grant. Both Kelly and Jeff were new to racing at the beginning of the year and friends of the original Shama road racer Steve Quick. So Steve urged them to come into the shop, which once they did and we got to fitting them on their bikes we had to have them on the Shama Road Team without any real results but just because they were such great people. Well, the results came one after the other. 

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Tour de Gruene Weekend

Tour de Gruene is a fun weekend of riding and some time trials that are not sanctioned races but have had the likes of Lance Armstrong and Eddy Merckx racing the two man team time trial on Sunday in previous years; and many of the regulars enjoying the Wurstfest on Saturday night then trying to TT Sunday morning. The town is beautiful and the support of the locals is amazing...then there is the along River Road is the best.

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What's New? Look Power Pedals

Look is the first to the market with a power meter in the pedal. While there are power meters in the rear wheel hub and in the cranks, they each have their own pros and cons depending on the athlete and needs. What the pedal option offers is the ability to swap the pedals between any bike you own regardless of crank, gearing, or wheels. Also unique to this option is the right and left power readings. 

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Featured Build November 2012

What happens when you are a typical road racer that believes it’s not the bike is the engine and you start working at Shama Cycles? You just don’t drink the Kool-Aid; you start to make your own!

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