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11 Speed: All the Cool Kids Are Doing It

11 Speed: everyone is doing it. Why are we going to 11? Well, for those of us who have endured the previous "upgrades" of an extra gear we pretty much view it as just another way for Shimano, Campy, and Sram to keep selling more new groups and parts. I remember riding 9 speed thinking, do I really need an extra gear? is it going to make me go faster? Well, here is my two cents in defense of the industry.

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What's New? Look Power Pedals

Look is the first to the market with a power meter in the pedal. While there are power meters in the rear wheel hub and in the cranks, they each have their own pros and cons depending on the athlete and needs. What the pedal option offers is the ability to swap the pedals between any bike you own regardless of crank, gearing, or wheels. Also unique to this option is the right and left power readings. 

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